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August 2019

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Stars for Families: Jupiter, Saturn and the Milky Way

Stars for Families: Cielos de Lanzarote

Stars for Families

Jupiter, Saturn and the Milky Way


Stargazing for all the family, enjoying the panoramic beauty of The Milky Way, the Summer constellations, and Jupiter and Saturn. We'll also observe stars, other constellations and Deep Sky Objects.

Date: Saturday, 31 August 2019
Time: 21:00 a 23:30
Place: El Mojónn - Guenia
Price: 20€ adults
10€ under 12 años

  • Monitor qualified in Astrophysics and a Star Guide
  • Star Guide assistant
  • Telescopes, workshops and explanations
  • Insurance

Payment: in situ
Minimum Age: 4 years

IMPORTANT! Materiales that are best suited to enjoy stargazing! 
It's important to be dressed warmly to avoid an unpleasant experience!
  • Comfortable warm clothing.
  • HAT, to avoid losing heat from the head, especially during the winter and even at times in summer.
  • If it is windy (which unfortunately it often is in Lanzarote) it is a good idea to wear something windproof over the clothing.
  • RED light headlamp. We have lamps if you don't have your own. 
  • Mats and/or Blankets to keep you warm and lie down (we also provide blankets if necessary)
  • We have chairs but if you prefer your own please bring it.
  • Binoculars if you have any, 10x50 recommended or stronger. We have some binoculars to loan during the activity.
  • Gloves (in Winter)
  • Water and snacks 
  • Remember that in Canarias, the seasons might not be like mainland Spain or your country. Even though the days might be warm, the nights can get chilly and can be uncomfortable if you are not suitably dressed. Humidity levels in Lanzarote are high, and at night can rise to 80-90% even during summer.


  • 20:45 Sunset
  • 21:15 Observing Jupiter and Saturn
  • The stars appearing
  • 21:30 / 22:00 The constellations appearing. Constellations workshop
  • 22:00 Observing Deep Sky Objects
    • Nebulae
    • Star clusters
    • Double stars
    • The Milky Way and other galaxies
  • 23:30 / 00:00 End of activity
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Our Equipment

Telescope Celestron Edge HD 1100
Telescope Celestron CPC 925
Binoculars Vixen BT 125
Binoculars Celestron UpClose 10x50
Binoculars Celestron SkyMaster 12x60
Binoculars Celestron SkyMaster 15x70
Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Canon EOS 6D